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Hi, I'm Roxanne Remy. Thank you for supporting my debut novel, They Can't Eat You for Supper and the follow up, They Didn't Eat Me for Supper. If you've been affected by post-separation abuse, I encourage you to take care of yourself during these dark days.


Your voice is valuable.

You have a place in your children's lives.

You matter.


When you're able, empower yourself by learning your state's domestic laws and take action to change them. 

Read on, 

~ RR~

JULY 7, 2022

Book Info
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In the wake of a devastating family tragedy, nineteen-year-old Lennon Camek swears never to return to small-town life. She’s forced to face the aftermath of her family’s sordid past when her younger sister, Olivia, is hospitalized.


And Lennon wonders if someone is up to their old habits.


Avenging her sister, isn’t easy. A traumatic childhood makes it difficult to separate fact from deception. And even if the truth behind their family’s heinous acts are exposed, forgiveness can be cloaked in bitterness.


Reunited after an event neither of them wishes to accept, can these sisters rebuild their relationship before disaster strikes again?

They Cant Eat You for cover

Kristin Murphy doesn't like change.


An unwelcomed turn of events separates her from her two daughters and forces her return to a familiar psychological hell.


Only this time, the stakes are higher.


Can Kristin resume her role as the mother she always wanted, or will she give in to a twisted family past she vowed to bury?

Note from the author:  The content in this book may be emotionally challenging for some. Out of respect for my readers, I've created a list of potentially triggering material because preserving your mental health is more important to me than sharing spoilers. 




 . . . this book was brilliantly written. The twist in the story was completely unexpected and I really enjoyed it!

Best Book Reader Lovers

 . . . a one-of-a-kind story.

Rose Auburn, Author and Book Reviewer

 . . . an emotive and compelling novel that wears its heart on its sleeve


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