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Hi, I'm Roxanne Remy and I'm thrilled to bring my debut novel to bookshelves. Writing has added such value to my life. Thank you for the opportunity to share my passions and thoughts with each of you.

Read on, and enjoy. ~ RR


APRIL 25,2021


Kristin Murphy doesn’t like change.


A lavish lifestyle and controlling marriage left her broken. For her daughters’ sake, she exchanged the pressures of perfection for sanity. Today, her southern farmhouse is a far cry from the mansion she left behind, but her young family has peace.


Until she’s blindsided.


The fog lifts and she’s separated from the children she swore to protect. There’s a child who relies on Kristin’s nursing skills and a teenager who’s mesmerized by luxurious promises. Fighting to remain relevant to them wasn’t something she prepared for, but she’s here now.


An emotional battlefield surrounds her: will she return to being the mother she always wanted, or will she fall into twisted family past she vowed to bury?

They Cant Eat You for cover

Note from the author:  The content in this book may be emotionally challenging for some. Out of respect for my readers, I've created a list of potentially triggering material because preserving your mental health is more important to me than sharing spoilers. 



Kirstin, Editor

 . . . this book was brilliantly written. The twist in the story was completely unexpected and I really enjoyed it!

Arnetta, Editor

It really tugged at my emotions, being a mother . . .

Andrew, Publisher

If this was {Remy's} first novel, I can't wait to see what's next


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As an only child, growing up in Georgia, I found myself imagining stories and characters in my head. Writing became an outlet for me after my parents divorce in the mid-80s. I credit my mother for encouraging me to read and journal to help escape my sadness. During the summer, she would take me to the local library and tell me to read as much as I could until she could get off of work.

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In college, I craved anything to do with life and health sciences. I received a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from the University of Virginia and pursued a successful career in critical care medicine. My passion for healthcare drove me toward research and nurse leadership positions, but I continued to indulge my artistic brain. After my divorce, I found myself in a familiar position as a single mother working two jobs and raising two young girls. My mother rescued me by providing free childcare, so I didn't have to leave my daughters at the local library. She encourages them to read and journal, too. 


Today, I still practice nursing at local heath fairs and I'm an advocate for Family Court Reform. My husband and I live on a mini-farm and dream of being homesteaders. We also enjoy travel, lake or mountain  activities, and spending time with our children and three dogs. 



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